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Available for Preorder: Little Paranoias


I worry what they’ll do to me.
I worry what they’ll say.
These little paranoias
Are what drive my day-to-day.

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Latest Release: Without Condition

“A murderous mayhem of revenge culminating in horrifying shows of unconditional love.” — Erin Al-Mehairi, author of Breathe. Breathe

. Without Condition. Cover Art by Doug Puller

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Also Available: Wither and Other Stories

The root stood gnarled and black, seeping through the barren grass and oozing from a rotted trunk. Its branches reached into a yellowed sky, like a spider’s legs ensnaring a maggot.

She remembered how her mother would look at the woods and say in a dreamy voice,
“Isn’t nature beautiful?”

Art by Doug PullerPurchase “Wither and Other Stories” on Amazon

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