Snow Day: Weather and Novel Excerpt

It’s March 14th. It’s also a snow day. Our cherry tree is surrounded by sleet, our superintendent is shoveling the walk, and my husband and I are working remotely — all after the start of Daylight Savings Time.

March has brought unexpected winter weather for the past few years, but I thought we’d escape that trend this year, given we barely had a winter. One dusting, a couple bone-cold days that made my jeans freeze to my legs, but overall, nothing remarkable — and many days where I was fine with a light jacket.

Today’s snow is the equivalent of someone who blew you off when you tried to ask them out, then called you the minute you moved on to someone else. “Hey, remember me?” “I’d rather not.” “Well, I’m calling you anyway. Surprise!”

I do enjoy snow days (though I enjoy them more in their proper season). One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to bury myself sides-deep in snow, stare at the sky, and listen to my breath. Snow has a muting effect, one that’s very useful for a brain that moves in a thousand directions at most given moments.

A snowstorm makes an appearance in Please Give, albeit in January, when one would expect it. Below is a quick excerpt of Beth enjoying the snow with a very close friend. Enjoy, and afterward, enjoy your day, whichever season it’s encapsulating.

I fell asleep looking out his balcony door, the sky overcast but not yet open. When I awoke the next morning, the view outside was completely white. Several inches of snow were piled against the window, and I could see flakes swirling rapidly in the air. All the buildings in view had neat layers of snow on top of them.

It looked lovely. And even better, it meant that the office wasn’t open. I grabbed my phone, and saw that it was still way too early to be awake for a remote day. I guess my internal alarm didn’t get the memo that it was a snow day.

Neither did his. I felt him stirring next to me, and turned to face him. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. An actual smile, not one that was hiding something. I felt better.

“Look outside,” I said, scooting back so he could see.

His eyes widened, and he sat upright. “Wow, it’s really coming down.”

We watched the snow for a while. “I love snow,” I said, placing my hands over my knees and my chin over my hands. “It’s so peaceful. It just washes everything away, makes everything quiet and new. It’s soothing.”

I felt his hand begin to stroke my back. I turned back to him, and saw him looking at me kindly. “I’m glad you’re sharing it with me.”

I gave a small smile. “Me too.”

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