More Motivational Fortune Cookies

Awhile back, I got a fortune cookie which I held dear, as it pertained to writing, and I was in the throes of writing the novel. I carry the fortune in my pocket or my purse every day as a writing charm, wrapped around a lucky quarter I found on the metro. 

Now the novel is simmering, and I’m submitting my stories to contests and journals. While I’m still writing, I’m also trying to keep up my motivation to share my pieces, especially when I move towards self-publishing in the next few months. 

While having lunch with my husband, I got another fortune. It’s lofty, even by my high standards, but I found it encouraging all the same. Shoot for the moon, after all. 

Many thanks to all you excellent people who follow along with my writing adventures. That motivates me more than any charms or cookies. Have a great weekend!

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