Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve always enjoyed this holiday. It’s the calmest of the Big Three this time of year, and I appreciate time being taken to express gratitude, be it with relatives or with friends adopted as family — or both.

I wish I had a Thanksgiving poem, or a story, or something to share beyond my holiday greetings. However, November has been a long month in my personal life. Things are getting better, and I for one am thankful for good medical care, loving family members, caring friends, and the encouragement received from all of those things.

Writing has been a small comfort during this time — usually fluff pieces, or writing a few paragraphs at a time of a bigger piece; but all comforts all the same. Even writing this entry has brought a bit of routine peace to a crazy few weeks. I hope that Thanksgiving dinner will do the same. I know the people I’ll share it with will.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone; and have a great week.

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