Progress Report: Wrapping Up 2017

The end of the year is upon us! And what a year it’s been. I both wrote and published pieces this year, and it’s been an experience doing both.

I am readying another short story collection for publication in 2018. It is currently called Wither and Other Tales, and will feature five short stories. Four of them are with my editor, and the fifth is going through one more pass with me before I send it along to her. I look forward to sharing them with you once they’re complete. I anticipate publishing the collection in mid to late 2018.

While those stories are being edited, I’ve begun steady work on what I hope will be my second novel. I got the idea over the summer, a time when I was swimming through lots of ideas and trying to form them into their own pieces. I got some short stories, the beginning of a novella, and some “just for me” writing out of that time; but during early fall, pieces of the ideas from the novels I began combined with the one big idea I got over the summer. All are slowly but surely shaping into my next book. I will reveal more of the plot as I write more of it down. But, in the interest of not strictly speaking in vague terms, I will say that it’s currently called Without Condition, and more similar in tone to my darker short stories.

I am also working on a bigger project with Doug Puller, who drew the covers for The Crow’s Gift and Please Give. I am working with him on a graphic novel called Wretched Heroes, currently a four-volume work. Volume 1, The Man in Rags, is set to come out in mid to late 2018. You can learn more about it on Facebook, where you can like and follow the page for more updates (and also see some of Doug’s amazing artwork for the series).

2018 promises to be busy, but busy with something I love to do. Thank you all for reading and following along this past year. Happy New Year!

Also, a reminder that both Please Give and The Crow’s Gift and Other Tales are available to purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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