Coming Soon: Paperbacks!

Both The Crow’s Gift and Other Tales and Please Give are available now as ebooks. Soon, you’ll be able to order paperback copies!

Paperbacks were a format I considered as I readied both books for publication, and finally had the time to set up through CreateSpace. Doug Puller, who designed the covers and formatted the ebooks, formatted the paperback copies and also designed the back covers. I’m very grateful for his work, and am lucky to be able to work with someone so talented.

Receiving my proofs in the mail made me very giddy. While an ebook is still a book, there’s something special about holding these works in my hands as bound books, with covers and pages to turn. When I saw All the Pieces Coming Together — the first short story I wrote when I got back into writing in 2016 — in print, I felt very happy.

I am reviewing the proofs now, and will let you all know when they’re available to order. For now, you can order both The Crow’s Gift and Other Tales and Please Give on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. And if you’ve read either (or both), I’d like to ask you to please leave an honest review online. Thank you for reading!

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