New Story: “Perfection in Shadow” (reblog)

This month, I participated in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project, a horror series from author and editor Nina D’Arcangela. Check out my September flash piece, “Perfection in Shadow” — and be sure to follow the Ladies of Horror Flash Project for great stories every day!

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The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!

Perfection in Shadow
by Sonora Taylor

Colin never thought he’d find the perfect woman. Everyone he met had something wrong with them once sex and passion ran its course. They talked too much. They took up too much space. Their looks were harsh under the light.
His girlfriend left him in a huff after their latest fight. The sound of the door slamming behind her reverberated through the apartment. Colin swore he saw the shadows tremble beneath its echo across the floor. He wondered how the floor would move if he instead buried her beneath it.
The darkness trembled. Colin blinked, then saw the shadows fall back into place.
He thought of his girlfriend – now his ex – meeting other men. He thought of her going to bed with them. She’d been so eager to jump into bed with him. She’d do the…

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