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Someone to Share My Nightmares

“Sexy and sadistic, powerful and empowering, Gothic and grotesque, Someone to Share My Nightmares is a veritable treasure trove of dark delights. It’s nothing less than a klaxon call informing the world what a lot of us already knew: Sonora Taylor is a bold and fearless voice in horror fiction.” ~Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of KIN and SOUR CANDY

“Reading Sonora Taylor’s Someone to Share My Nightmares is like binge watching back-to-back episodes of the classic horror show Tales From the Crypt. Each “episode” combines horror, humor and eroticism in such a way that you almost feel guilty for enjoying what’s on the page. Do yourself a favor and tune into this collection of short fiction that will creep you out, turn you on, and make you think twice about the consequences of your actions.” ~Michelle Renee Lane, Bram Stoker Award nominated author of Invisible Chains

“Sonora Taylor is an expert at blending the sensual with the sinister. SOMEONE TO SHARE MY NIGHTMARES is at turns funny, disturbing, sexy, and deliciously chilling as Taylor deftly weaves her glistening web. A darkly enjoyable collection, nothing less than what I’ve come to expect from such a talented voice.” ~Laurel Hightower, author of CROSSROADS and WHISPERS IN THE DARK

“Steamy, spooky, and hair-raising in all the right (and wrong) ways, Someone to Share my Nightmares is the perfect answer for fans of erotic horror.” ~Jessica Guess, author of CIRQUE BERSERK

“Sonora Taylor’s SOMEONE TO SHARE MY NIGHTMARES is a sumptuous feast of macabre morsels. Taylor’s writing is captivating, enthralling, and deliriously beguiling. I could not pull my eyes away from the page. A first class  short story collection.” ~Eric LaRocca, author of THINGS HAVE GOTTEN WORSE SINCE WE LAST SPOKE

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Seeing Things:

“Intriguing from beginning to end, Sonora Taylor’s Seeing Things presents a thrilling mystery that will quickly capture readers and refuse to let them go. With dynamic characters and a compelling plot, we follow Abby’s dark journey to reveal so many riddles stained in blood. A sharp page-turner that shows Taylor’s masterful ability to create a gripping story, Seeing Things will lure you deep into its ghostly world of unforgiven sins and secrets. Highly recommend!” ~ Sara Tantlinger, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Devil’s Dreamland

“This is a fast read that grabs the reader by the shirt collar and yanks them toward the finish line. You want to put it down between chapters because the kids are hungry or you’ve got a zoom meeting for work, but you can’t. You’re essentially not allowed, not when the end of each brief chapter leaves you demanding to know what’s going to happen next.” ~Brennan LaFaro. Read More >>

Seeing Things is more than a ghost story, it is a tale of finding empathy in the face of fear and seeking the truth despite the possible consequences Sonora does an excellent job building the suspense throughout the story with a family who could very well be your own. You never know who might be seeing things, including your guilt.” ~V. Castro, author of Hairspray and Switchblades and Maria the Wanted and the Legacy of the Keepers.

“When I finished Seeing Things, I hugged it. I felt it. I felt the power, the emotion, that story hit and got me in the feels. It was just what I needed. This is definitely a coming of age story and a perfect summertime read. If it’s not on your Summertime read list already, put it there.” ~Chris McCormick, “Under the Lamp.” Read More >>

Seeing Things is at once an inventive take on ghost stories and a coming-of-age tale that weaves supernatural sightings and real-world, human horrors into a hell of a novel. Get ready to believe in ghosts and come face-to-face with the things that haunt us!” ~Tiffany Michelle Brown

“This is a story of a girl growing up, familial bonds and inescapable pasts. Gorgeous, awe-inspiring, masterful.” ~Kevin Whitten, The Well-Read Beard. Watch >>

“Taylor deftly misdirects the reader at every turn. I wholeheartedly recommend this one for anyone who enjoys a supernatural mystery that leans heavily into its horror elements.” ~Sam, Sci-Fi and Scary. Read More >>

“I’m so happy Taylor has gifted us with a ghost story. Combining my favorite horror element (ghosts) with her storytelling really put me in my happy place with this one!” ~Jen, Book Den. Read More >>

“Sonora Taylor’s Seeing Things is every bit as good as her Without Condition, and I loved that book. She has a knack for taking well-used story elements like serial killers or seeing ghosts and turning them into something more.” ~Heather Grove, “Errant Dreams.” Read More >>

Seeing Things is an excellent book with a very surprising ending that rates FIVE STARS! It also accomplishes something I really enjoy in a book, the sharing of the author’s ideals within the larger story itself. I’m not going to give them all away, but a few are that women are a lot stronger than mass media makes them out to be, friendship is golden, and the people closest to you can hurt you the most.” ~Brian James Lewis, Damaged Skull Writer. Read More >>

“I had more fun reading this book than anything I’ve enjoyed as of late–it holds its own against all the other stand outs I’ve read this year.” ~Sadie Hartmann, “Mother Horror.” Read More >>

“I loved the fact that this was not predictable. The way this ended was beautifully-done. 5/5 stars.” ~BookNookNoggin. Watch >>

“Whether I relate to Abby’s personal angst or not, I did find the time I spent with her while reading absolutely enjoyable and her character was definitely believable. Sonora’s talents as a writer shine through in this novella in the same way they did in her previous collection. Her ability to write close relationships with people is one of my favorite things about reading her work.” ~Cassie Daley, Let’s Get Galactic. Read More >>

Seeing Things is, quite simply, the perfect ghost novel. There is a wonderful mix of well drawn and relatable humanity and spine tingling ghost encounters that made this an absolute joy to breeze through.” ~Laurel Hightower, author of Whispers in the Dark and Crossroads. Read More >>

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Little Paranoias:

“Atmospheric, unnerving, and addictive. Little Paranoias is a spooktacular October read from a new and distinct voice in horror fiction.” ~Tiffany Michelle Brown, author of Spin. Read More >>

“Outstanding work by a massive rising star in the horror field and if Taylor isn’t on your ‘Must Read’ list yet, it’s really time to change that.” ~Steve Stred, author of Wagon Buddy and Ritual, for Kendall Reviews. Read More >>

“Bite-sized morsels of fiction that feel like a meal, maybe your last meal or one that haunts you, but fiction that’ll chill you to your bones no matter the temperature. Highly recommended!” ~Erin al-Mehairi, author of Breathe. Breathe.

“I enjoyed many aspects of this book. I loved that several of these stories had rather unexpected or shocking endings.” ~Jamie, Nightfall Up North. Read More >>

“I definitely recommend this book for fans of the macabre. It’s easy to read in bits and pieces between other things, and there’s plenty of gore!” ~Heather Grove, Errant Dreams. Read More >>

“Little Paranoias sets itself apart from the typical collection of short fiction, combining poetry with longer-form stories with a lot of, what I came to think of as, vignettes. The bulk of these pieces establish a certain comfort in discomfort as Taylor seems to almost take pleasure in leading us down a certain path, and then viciously pulling the rug out from under our feet. After a while, the reader starts to feel, dare I say, paranoid, but it doesn’t get any easier to guess where we’ll end up.” ~Brennan LaFaro. Read More >>

“I really enjoyed the stories in this lovely collection. They range from stories which tug at your heart strings to stories that give you the shivers. If you haven’t checked out Taylor’s writing before I would suggest you pick this up and give it a read.” ~Toni, The Misadventures of a Reader. Read More >>

“Throughout these 20 stories and poems, we feel love, and loss, and regret, and desire. Between these pages are living skeletons, true crime podcasts, the end of the world.  We’re introduced to characters that we think we know, only to have the scripts completely flipped a few paragraphs from the ending, leaving the reader unsteady and unsure.” ~Cassie Daley, Night Worms. Read More >>

“So many of Sonora’s tales were like holding a mirror up — my reflection seen in these pages caused me to question things that I don’t often spend enough time thinking about. And that’s a sign of good art.” ~Sadie Hartmann, “Mother Horror.” Read More >>

I dare anyone who says they have no paranoias to read this and not come out the other side a delightfully hot, twitchy, mess.” ~Suzy Michael, High Fever Books. Read More >>

Taylor has a strong, entertaining narrative voice, and so much versatility in her storytelling. She can break your heart, make you angry, twist all your expectations, make you laugh, care, and cheer. These stories are wonderful, varied, and beautiful. I highly recommend this collection to any horror fan, or just any fan of well-written short fiction.” ~Laurel Hightower, author of Whispers in the Dark

“If you are looking for a good collection of fresh, unique horror, Little Paranoias is the book for you. From now on, Sonora Taylor is a must-read author for me.” ~Tracy Robinson, Sci-Fi and Scary. Read More >>

“An absolutely wonderful collection of short stories.” ~Kevin Whitten (the Well Read Beard), Dead Head Reviews. Read More >>

“I think this would be a wonderful book to savor slowly throughout the month. With each title only taking a few minutes to read, it would be easy to squeeze in a story every day. Or, if you’re like me, you can read it in a single sitting because you just can’t put it down.” ~Cat Voleur, The Dead Walk. Read More >>

Watch: Book Nook Noggin’s video review of “Little Paranoias”

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Without Condition:

“If King’s Carrie had turned into a serial killer, and your setting was the backwoods country life, you’d have Without Condition. It’s a murderous mayhem of revenge and fix culminating in horrifying shows of unconditional love. I’ll never look at a beat-up old truck without apprehension again.” – Erin Al-Mehairi, author of Breathe. Breathe. Read more >>

“The entire book is a deep dive into the tortured mind of characters deeply scarred by the words of others and I found it endlessly fascinating.” — Laurie at Horror After Dark. Read More >>

“Like an episode of Six Feet Under mixed with Dexter … everything is so thorough and laid out so well that there isn’t one action or incident that feels irrational, and that speaks to the talent Sonora brings to the table. I truly loved this story.” — Steve Stred, author of Wagon Buddy and Invisible; for Kendall Reviews. Read More >>

“Sonora Taylor has written an unsettling, yet somewhat tender, story of coping with abuse and the hope of being able to truly love and be loved … The Beatles wrote ‘All You Need is Love’. They never read Without Condition.” — Suzy Michael, High Fever Books. Read More >>

“Cara put me in mind of a female vigilante/serial killer and I loooove books on this topic … Taylor has serious writing chops and her characters are so true to life and engaging.” — Tracy Robinson, LOHF. Read More >>

“I truly enjoyed this story. I think that Taylor really hit on something with this story. Even though Cara was a killer you felt for her. You felt for the child that she was … the woman that she was growing into. I really can’t wait to see what else Taylor has up her sleeve. If you haven’t gotten this in your brain you are missing out.” — Toni, The Misadventures of a Reader. Read More >>

“It demystifies the serial killer compared to most media depictions, revealing [Cara] to be messed-up, but still fundamentally human. If you’re looking for a very thoughtful and unusual look into the mind of a serial killer, as well as a wonderful relationship story, this is an excellent read!” — Heather Grove, Errant Dreams. Read More >>

“Move over Dexter, Cara is the new serial killer in town, and she’s coming into her own in this tale of love, control and dark accomplishment. An engaging cast of complex characters wrapped up in a romance like no other. Mother doesn’t always know best.” — Gemma Amor, author of Cruel Works of Nature.

WITHOUT CONDITION by Sonora Taylor is a compelling, gut-punch of a book. Exploring themes of mental health, abuse, and bullying, it’s equally a tale about a serial killer just trying to find her place in the world. Romantic in the most unnerving way, you’ll fall in love with this story, too.” — Brian Fatah Steele, author of Bleed Away the Sky

“The characters were written so well that they felt like real people. I really enjoyed it.” BookNookNoggin. Watch More >>

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The Crow’s Gift and Other Tales:

“Almost everything in ‘The Crow’s Gift’ — from story structure to tone to pacing, evokes the classic horror/suspense anthologies I grew up watching — Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Tales From the Darkside … over just a few short tales, the author presents a variety of characters, perspectives, and narrative tones, none of which feels unnatural or out of place.” Read More >>

“The stories are classic, well-written Poe style horror with dashes of eroticism … The stories entice like a bunny hopping into a dark forest. We follow gleefully even though we are pretty sure something with sharp teeth lurks within.” Read More >>

“This collection features very imaginative stories and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Excellent writing, pacing, characters, twists, and chills!” Read More >>

“The author does a great job of taking seemingly innocuous situations and turning them on their head.” Read More >>

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Please Give:

“The very frank voice of the main character and the everyday scenes make it really easy to relate to this story at many points throughout the book, which is a really welcome style. Everything from work life to dating are told very honestly and also with awesome humor.” Read More >>

“In Please Give … we are presented with a political tale of ideals and realities, of what happens when dreams and hopes are faced with the harsher side of reality. The characters here are fully realized, vivid and alive, directing the action with trackable motivation which the reader can believe. And, the hallmark of well drawn characters, they often do surprising things making them very human, which can be rare.” — Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

“The book does a great job of conveying the unique anxiety that comes from working somewhere with an important mission! But I was just as enthralled by the relationships—both romantic and platonic—that this novel so vividly captures. As in life, none of the relationships in ‘Please Give’ are easy or always clear cut—sometimes love can grow from a ‘situationship,’ sometimes friends and roommates are just as important as family—which is what makes them so interesting.” Read More >>

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Wither and Other Stories:

“Sonora Taylor has a knack for drawing you in, making you believe one thing, and then challenging that belief with a chilling truth.” Read More >>

“Sonora Taylor writes elegantly and with a creepy tension that keeps you turning pages. You just know something is a little off with each story and you can’t wait to find out what it is.” Read More >>

Wither is without a doubt the highlight of the book. It is in my Top 10 Indie Horror Shorts of All Time.” ~Kevin Whitten (the Well-Read Beard) Watch >>

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