The Crow’s Gift and Other Tales:

“Almost everything in ‘The Crow’s Gift’ — from story structure to tone to pacing, evokes the classic horror/suspense anthologies I grew up watching — Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Tales From the Darkside … over just a few short tales, the author presents a variety of characters, perspectives, and narrative tones, none of which feels unnatural or out of place.” Read More >>

“The stories are classic, well-written Poe style horror with dashes of eroticism … The stories entice like a bunny hopping into a dark forest. We follow gleefully even though we are pretty sure something with sharp teeth lurks within.” Read More >>

“This collection features very imaginative stories and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Excellent writing, pacing, characters, twists, and chills!” Read More >>

“The author does a great job of taking seemingly innocuous situations and turning them on their head.” Read More >>

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Please Give:

“The very frank voice of the main character and the everyday scenes make it really easy to relate to this story at many points throughout the book, which is a really welcome style. Everything from work life to dating are told very honestly and also with awesome humor.” Read More >>

“In Please Give … we are presented with a political tale of ideals and realities, of what happens when dreams and hopes are faced with the harsher side of reality. The characters here are fully realized, vivid and alive, directing the action with trackable motivation which the reader can believe. And, the hallmark of well drawn characters, they often do surprising things making them very human, which can be rare.” — Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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Wither and Other Stories:

“Sonora Taylor has a knack for drawing you in, making you believe one thing, and then challenging that belief with a chilling truth.” Read More >>

Sonora Taylor writes elegantly and with a creepy tension that keeps you turning pages. You just know something is a little off with each story and you can’t wait to find out what it is.Read More >>

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