The Crow’s Gift and Other Tales:

“Almost everything in ‘The Crow’s Gift’ — from story structure to tone to pacing, evokes the classic horror/suspense anthologies I grew up watching — Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Tales From the Darkside … over just a few short tales, the author presents a variety of characters, perspectives, and narrative tones, none of which feels unnatural or out of place.” Read More >>

“The stories are classic, well-written Poe style horror with dashes of eroticism … The stories entice like a bunny hopping into a dark forest. We follow gleefully even though we are pretty sure something with sharp teeth lurks within.” Read More >>

“This collection features very imaginative stories and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Excellent writing, pacing, characters, twists, and chills!” Read More >>

“The author does a great job of taking seemingly innocuous situations and turning them on their head.” Read More >>

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Please Give:

“The very frank voice of the main character and the everyday scenes make it really easy to relate to this story at many points throughout the book, which is a really welcome style. Everything from work life to dating are told very honestly and also with awesome humor.” Read More >>

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Wither and Other Stories:

“Sonora Taylor has a knack for drawing you in, making you believe one thing, and then challenging that belief with a chilling truth.” Read More >>

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