Please Give

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please give by sonora taylor
Cover Art by Doug Puller

28-year-old Beth Harmon has made her professional home at the Washington D.C. anti-hunger nonprofit Safety Net following an extended job hunt. Although discouraged by her limited role after four years, Beth finds comfort in Safety Net’s predictability in the face of life’s upheavals — including a roommate on the verge of moving out, a work friend on the verge of moving on, and a man who (despite her best efforts) Beth is on the verge of falling in love with.

When Beth is offered a larger role in Safety Net’s biggest fundraiser of the year, she dives headfirst into the new challenge. But such a dive means working against her own anxieties. As Beth navigates challenges both in and out of the office, she must confront the prospect of losing predictable constants in her life — and must decide which ones she wants to save, and which are worth walking away from.

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