Interview and Guest Post Round-Up!

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since Without Condition came out. In addition to promoting the book, I’ve been working on my next short story collection and doing guest posts and interviews with other blogs. I’ve been neglecting this blog a little bit, but now that the dust has settled, I’ll be back on here; especially with some of the exciting news that’s been happening over the past couple weeks.

While I haven’t been on here as much the past couple weeks, I’ve been all over the place online, having conversations with bloggers about Without Condition, my writing, food, travel, you name it. I’ve collected the interviews below:

I’ve also contributed a couple of guest posts to horror blogs. Check them out below:

Thanks for reading!

New Story: “Perfection in Shadow” (reblog)

This month, I participated in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project, a horror series from author and editor Nina D’Arcangela. Check out my September flash piece, “Perfection in Shadow” — and be sure to follow the Ladies of Horror Flash Project for great stories every day!

Spreading the Writer's Word

The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!

Perfection in Shadow
by Sonora Taylor

Colin never thought he’d find the perfect woman. Everyone he met had something wrong with them once sex and passion ran its course. They talked too much. They took up too much space. Their looks were harsh under the light.
His girlfriend left him in a huff after their latest fight. The sound of the door slamming behind her reverberated through the apartment. Colin swore he saw the shadows tremble beneath its echo across the floor. He wondered how the floor would move if he instead buried her beneath it.
The darkness trembled. Colin blinked, then saw the shadows fall back into place.
He thought of his girlfriend – now his ex – meeting other men. He thought of her going to bed with them. She’d been so eager to jump into bed with him. She’d do the…

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One Year of Writing About Writing!

One year ago today, I started this blog. I initially started it as a way to share pieces of writing old and new, as well as to talk about some short stories I’d written and a novel I was working on.

In one year, has grown into something more (including its own domain name). It has a proper front page, and pages for The Crow’s Gift and Other Tales and Please Give, the two books I published in 2017.

But at its heart, it’s a blog where I share my thoughts on writing. From process to progress, writing to reading, joy to sorrow, it’s been a space where I’ve enjoyed getting these thoughts written down, sorted out, and shared with all of you.

Thank you for reading. I hope you will stay in touch in 2018 and beyond!

Let’s Get Social

It’s a busy week at my day job, and most of my writing over the past week has been pieces that will eventually become a story. That’s always the goal, but I prefer writing more about them on the blog when they’ve settled into a proper groove. Right now they’re in the Sporadic Paragraph Stage, hanging out in random Word docs or the notebook I keep in my purse.

I may not be writing enough to post story updates on the blog today, but I am writing in a few other places. I wanted to take some time to invite you to join me there.

My Twitter page (also linked to in this site’s banner) is quite active. While I do talk about writing, it’s also a space where I talk hockey (Go Caps), television+movies (expect short versions of this post when I’m watching something), beer (drinking and writing about it), politics (no rants but plenty of thoughts), and work grievances. Work grievances are especially fun and loaded with GIFs – and some of my thoughts on boring meetings provided the blueprint for passages in the book. If any or all of these sound up your alley, or even if you just want to connect on Twitter, give me a follow – I’d love to hear from you.

I also blog semi-regularly for Stouts and Stilettos, a women’s beer blog. Most of my posts are beer reviews, conference/event reviews, and beercation guides (beercations are totally a thing). You can find my articles here, but I encourage you to visit the whole blog – there are some excellent pieces there from many talented women.

Those are my main non-writing blog residencies. Related to the blog, I wanted to remind you all that The Crow’s Gift and Other Tales has a page on Facebook. If you’re interested in getting more updates down the road – especially as it gets closer to publication – then please like and follow the collection’s page.

See you all across the Internet!

Conferencing (Beer Edition)

This week, I am attending the Craft Brewer’s Conference on behalf of Stouts and Stilettos, the women’s beer blog that I contribute to. Given the panels, talks, and copious amounts of beer flowing, my fiction writing is slowing down a little through Thursday.

It’s slowing, but it hasn’t ceased. I’m still trying to work on Please Give each day, even if it’s something fast, like the 104 words I wrote yesterday while waiting for a taxi. Hey, it’s 104 more words towards completing it – and as of this weekend, I’m 4/5 done with a full, complete, bracket-free draft. It’s pretty exciting!

The conference is also serving as “research” for my next book. I have a couple ideas floating around, but one that’s sticking with me is a story about two women taking a  road trip to buy a rare beer, and stopping at breweries along the way. As such, my notes from the conference are interspersed with notes for the story, mostly making up names for the fictional beers that Kim and Lily (current protagonist names) will be drinking. My personal favorite so far is Male Tears Gose.

My non-novel notes will find their way into blog posts on Stouts and Stilettos over the next couple weeks. Be sure to check it out, even throughout the year. I mostly contribute beer reviews and venue reviews, and the blog has many talented women contributing their thoughts on our favorite beverage. You can also follow my live conference thoughts on Twitter, under #CBC17.