Sonora Writes

I write. I want to share that writing with you.

I’m Sonora, and I have been writing a variety of words for at least 22 years. Considering I’m 30, that shows a very early dedication to the craft. I specialize in short stories and fiction, but also write poetry, quotes, essays, and reviews.

Sonora Writes is a space to share that writing with you. Here, you’ll find pieces old and new, finished and in progress, very good and not quite as good. It’s a space to share, and I hope you’ll share it with me.

Follow the blog for periodic updates, and watch this space for updates on larger pieces that are currently in the works. I welcome your comments and feedback, as well as your own stories. Finally, if you wish to share my pieces, please link to my original post, or otherwise credit my work. You may also contact me directly if you wish to share my work or commission a new piece.